Candidates for Diocesan Council Eastern Region

ELECTED: Connie Witt

Nominated by: Dave Sakrison

Congregation: St. Francis

Region: Eastern

Statement of Nomination:

A faithful participant in the life and ministry of St Francis. Connie is involved not only in the life of the Church but is actively involved in community affairs working “with” San Juan County in getting out the vote in Navaho-Land as well as the community of Moab and Grand County. Connie was an educator in her public life having served as a teacher, principal and superintendent in New Mexico, her life experiences would enhance the work of the Diocesan Council. She would represent the Eastern district very well bring a perspective of the Episcopal Church in rural communities.



Candidates for Diocesan Council
Salt Lake Region


Nominated by: Charles Robinson

Congregation: St Luke’s (Park City) 

Statement of Nomination:

Don is very consistent, reliable, intelligent, wise, kind, generous and well-informed. He had a decades long career as a successful corporate manager working in the U.S. and overseas. You can depend on him to complete any task to which he agrees. He works very well with others. He is committed to the Episcopal Church and its well-being.


Candidates for Diocesan Council
Southern Region

ELECTED: Chuck Goode

Candidates for Standing Committee (Clergy)

ELECTED: Isabel Gonzalez

Nominated by: Vanessa Cato

Congregation: El Buen Pastor/San Esteban

Statement of Nomination: 

I have been a member of the Episcopal Church since 1994. I was born and raised in Mexico. I am married to Sergio and we have 6 children. I came to the USA in 1983. I was ordained to the diaconate in 2006 and to the priesthood in 2007. I have been serving the Latino ministry in the Diocese of Utah. I worked for the Diocesan Center for 13 years. I am one of the original members who started the Spanish speaking congregation in the Cathedral of St. Marks in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even before I was ordained I was actively involved in the church, both at St Mark’s and at San Esteban. When Good Shepherd in Ogden started its Latino mission, I became involved there too. Over the last Six years I have led that congregation (El Buen Pastor), developing programs and working closely with the Rector (Vanessa Cato) to strengthen the links between the Spanish speaking and the English speaking members of the parish. This includes encouraging Latinos to be on the Vestry, make a pledge, and take on more responsibilities in the sanctuary. I have been working more closely with Vanessa since the pandemic started to ensure all our congregations remain connected, and ministered to spiritually, physically, and emotionally. This includes working together on pastoral letters, and arrangements for returning to in-person worship. I would like to see more involvement of minorities in the churches and in the diocese, and believe being on Standing Committee I could help this to happen. I have organizational and administrative skills and experience, which I would bring to the table. I also have a desire to help this diocese to grow as the people of God.


Candidates for Standing Committee


Candidates for Disciplinary Board

ELECTED: The Ven. Robert Shoop

Nominated by: The Rev. Christopher Szarke

Congregation: St. James Episcopal Church (Midvale) 

Statement of Nomination:

The Ven. Robert Shoop is a trusted leader in the diocese and the continuity would be important to this committee. 




ELECTED: David Lingo

Nominated by: Fr. Christopher Szarke

Congregation: St. James (Midvale)

Statement of Nomination:

Dave Lingo has faithfully served in this role and does a great job. I believe his continuity is important for the diocese during this period of transition. Thank you.


Candidates for Disciplinary Board



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